Artist, graphic designer, and typographer based in Los Angeles, with particular interest in printed matter.CLOCKSHOP, Graphic Designer
October 2023—Current
Visual identity development and application for artist exhibitions and various community–centered arts programs. Graphic design across a variety of printed and digital formats, including publications and social media.

PROTOTYPE, Sr. Graphic Designer
March 2023—Current
Graphic design and art direction within an intimate team of 3 creatives. Visual identity research and development, including ethos and expression across photography, typography, and graphic applications.


Hendrik Typeface
  • Typeface inspired by dutch architecture, 74 glyphs with digital and printed specimen
  • Year: 2023

Fragments & Monoliths
  • Collection of shapes, newsprint (edition of 20) & mural format
  • Typeface: Hershey Noailles Times, Marfa Mono
  • Year: 2024

Diagnostic Mono
    Mono typeface, 175 glyphs, printed specimen
  • Year: 2024

(Anti) Social Media
  • Newspaper addressing the effect of social media on mental health, with found scientific texts, short articles, and personal grievances.
  • Distribution: Tomorrow Today
  • Typeface: Redaction, Authentic 
  • Year: 2024

Prison Library Project
  • Visual identity development and application for the Prison Library Project, a nonprofit that donates books to prisons nationwide.
  • Typeface: Caslon, Neue Haas Unica
  • Year: 2023

Cross Court: Capsule Collection
  • Apparel graphics developed for Cross Court, a basketball organization in Los Angeles
  • Art Direction: Jared Younger
  • Graphic Design: Morgan Otto
  • Year: 2024